Artist Statement

In my artwork I am inspired by architecture, particularly the ways that buildings frame our perception of space.  I am originally from Santa Fe, NM, and my interest in architectural forms began as a way for me to reconcile the dense, tight feeling of cities, with the clarity and openness of my native landscape.  The scope of my work has expanded from this initial impulse, but I am still interested in the ways that we experience and understand space, and how that understanding shapes our sense of place.

I use a variety of media, including serigraphy and photography, to explore architecture and space.  Most recently I have been making installations.  I use common materials such as painters tape, wire, and fabric, as well as more complex media such as video and digital projections.  Nevertheless, I am continually fascinated at how simple materials can be transformed to create space.  My installations develop through observation and are a response to the places in which I work.

Often I begin my work by noticing details of my environment; the way light filters through a window, for instance, or the play of shadows on a wall.  I then make an addition, such as placing tape on my window, which accentuates the phenomena I observed.  Throughout this process I take photos.  Working back and forth between photography and installation, I develop layers, both in the work itself, as well as in the process of its creation.

In this way, my work parallels the multiple layers of perception involved in the experience of architectural space.  I enjoy the double take, the second glance, the investigation that is needed to figure out just what it is one is looking at.  By transforming what is familiar and common, I hope to reveal something more complex and mysterious, drawing attention to the ways that we construct the world by looking at it.  When our perspective shifts or is distorted, new understanding becomes possible

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